• Helge and Helga, killed by Danes
  • Geir
  • Gisle
  • Ginna
  • Gunn
  • Olof
  • Fjolvar, farmhand


  • Fridbjörn (Helge’s brother) and Holmdis, his wife
  • Radulf
  • Rörik
  • Frida
  • Freydis
  • Gangulf
  • Smid-Ebbe, blacksmith
  • Freke, dog


  • Ofaeti-Karl
  • Karl (Lafse)
  • Leif
  • Galmi
  • Gudrun
  • Fundin


  • Styrbjörn, son of Gunnar, son of Adils, Ragnar’s brother
  • Ragnar, son of Gunnar, son of Adils, Styrbjörn’s brother

The uplands

  • Finnvid from Skålhamra
  • Alrik from Altuna
  • Frode from Vallentuna
  • Saeming
  • Thorkel from Thorsåker
  • Erik, king of Uppsala. Draug-Erik (when dead)
  • Östen, king of Uppsala, Erik’s brother
  • Onaem, warrior without weapons at the weapons ting in Uppsala
  • Hrodulfr, crewman
  • Arnulf, killed by draug-Erik?


  • Sölve, sea king and usurper king in Uppsala

Frisians and Anglo-Saxons in Friesland

  • Eadgils, merchant in Dorestad
  • Klotilda, his daughter
  • Radbod, King of the Frisians (historical person, died 719)
  • Willibrord, Anglo-Saxon missionary, bishop and apostle of the Frisians (historical person, died 739)
  • Hewald and Hewald, Anglo-Saxon missionaries (historical persons, killed as early as about 695, in Saxony)
  • Winfrid (Bonifatius), Anglo-Saxon missionary, bishop and apostle of the Germans (historical person, killed 754 in Friesland)
  • Waldbiorn, Styrbjörn in disguise
  • Eadgils, another merchant in Dorestad

East Angles

  • Oswald, builder in Gypeswic
  • Aelfwald, King of the East Angles (historical person, died 749)
  • Haeggvin and Leofric, young traders


  • Angantyr, king (historical/mythical person, killed on Samsö c. 728)
  • Halfdan, aged king
  • Gyrid, his dead wife
  • Aesir and Bausi, sons of Gyrid and Halfdan, short-lived kings
  • Biorn, Gunn and Bausi’s son
  • Adisla, Ginna and Aesir’s daughter
  • Harald, helmsman, lord and earl, son of Aud and Hrörek, son of Ivar
  • Vigr, scarred warrior, son of Hrodgeir
  • Nykr, a corrupt and unreliable (former) helmsman
  • Gren-Gansi and Hreppir, Nykr’s farmhands
  • Kettil, farmhand at Tissö
  • Toke, farmhand at Tissö
  • Eirbjorg, a medical helper, and her daughters
  • Hroar, lawspeaker on Zealand
  • Starkad, helmsman
  • Ubbe, the red Dane
  • Gloggir, archer
  • Amma and Amma’s sister, farm women
  • Garm, dog


  • Raefr, merchant, son of Vidr
  • Geatulf, king of western Geatland


  • Finnvid, trapper, trader, and king of the Finnvedings
  • Aslak, his slain brother
  • Aud, their mother
  • Ingvald, illegitimate ruler of Hov
  • Åsa, his daughter, Finnvid’s betrothed
  • Hosse and Tasse, and Hasse and Tosse, wolves
  • Skule and Skygni, twin boys
  • (Thora)Crust, their gnarled grandmother


  • Bane: Gisle’s spear
  • Bite: Olof’s sword
  • Gríð: Geir’s shield
  • long swordGlimner: King Erik’s slightly too


  • Nattfari (he who travels at night)
  • Jolnir (the Yule god)
  • Arvakr (the early awake)
  • Ganglere (the wanderer)
  • Galdrfather (master of galdr)
  • Thul (the mumbler (refers to magic chant))
  • The Allfather (god of war)
  • The High (the foremost of the gods)
  • Ygg (the terrifying one)
  • Bölverk (fighter, bearer)
  • Odin (the furious one)